Welcome to the Green Production Guide’s Toolkit

Here you will find resources to help you plan for, communicate, and implement sustainable production practices. More than a database of environmentally friendly vendors and services, the Green Production Guide strives to be a leading resource for a more sustainable film, television and commercial production industry.

Featured below, find our new GPG Toolkit with our improved Production Environmental Accounting Checklist (PEACH), Production Environmental Accounting Report (PEAR), and the Production Lumber Material (PLUM) worksheet, and new materials like a how-to for producers, sample memos, donation resources, location information and infographics.

Download the Welcome Letter for an overview of the Green Production Guide toolkit and how to use it to help you make your production as “green” as possible!  Look tab-by-tab and/or download the entire toolkit here.

A Note to Producers

The basic principles behind “greening” a production include conserving fuel and energy, avoiding toxins and pollution, saving water and preventing landfill waste, to name a few. Implementing those principles on a film set, where daily life is fast-paced and filled with bright lights and extravagant scenery, can be tricky.  The Co-Chairs of the PGA Green committee have put together an overview to help you get started with sustainable production.


Please select a tab in the toolkit to see all of the resources to help you achieve a sustainable production.


Check back often for updated tools.