Green Vendor

DC Solar

135 Mason Circle
Concord, CA, 94520 925 203 1088

DC Solar is a green energy company. We design, manufacture and deploy clean, reliable mobile power whenever and wherever you need. Besides eliminating noise and fumes from standard gas/diesel generators, DC Solar can save up to 15% on your bottom line. We work with you to determine your power needs depending on the size of your production.

Green Business

All DC Solar facilities use green business practices. See our article on the PGA/Green website:

Designs, manufactures, and leases renewable energy products.

Green Product and Services

- The Solar Eclipse, DC Solar's patented mobile solar generator - DC Solar light towers - Solar powered Telecommunications towers


  • Film Commissions:
  • Transportation & Fuel: Trailers Buses Carts
  • Electric & Power: Electric Equipment Purchases Electric Equipment Rentals Power Rentals
  • Environmental: Resources & Utilities