Green Vendor

GO GREEN Mobile Power

171 Pier Avenue #105
Santa Monica, CA, 90405 855 464 4467

GO GREEN Mobile Power, LLC, is the premiere mobile renewable energy equipment manufacturer and equipment rental/leasing company in the world today. In addition to our custom manufacturing division for mobile and application-specific equipment, we also provide comprehensive “green power” retrofit services for fleet vehicles and equipment, worldwide.

Green Business

Staff members are located close to each of our locations, reducing travel and carbon emissions. Almost no paper is used in company communication or promotional material except where it is absolutely necessary. In those cases, only recycled paper is used. Constant attention to power consumption is practiced to minimize our carbon footprint. 10% of our company's profits go to building mobile water and power generators that will be sent to impoverished hospitals and schools worldwide providing pure water and power from the sun and wind.

Green Product and Services

- Solar/Electric Generators
- Solar/Electric Production Offices
- Solar/Electric Light Towers
- Ultra-Efficient Diesel/Gas Light Towers
- Portable LED Scene Lighting


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