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Green Product Placement is an emerging, upstart media product placement company specializing in promoting and placing green, sustainable, socially enterprising and/or local entrepreneurial products. We can help green a production by providing products to place as set dressing, props and wardrobe that fit the profile of "good brand". By doing this, and increasing the exposure of these types of products in mainstream media, we seek to make "green" "normal" and promote sustainable lifestyles.

Green Business

We’re committed to running our business in such a way as to promote the least waste in the use of fossil fuels and resources, as we possibly can, in the course of doing business. This includes carbon neutral web hosting for our site, a virtually paperless office, and minimal travel, using teleconferencing and other emission neutral technologies as SOP. To cut down on carbon emissions, we work with the manufacturers to get the product directly to you without double shipping. Many product placement fulfillment houses warehouse some product which means that these products have been shipped twice- once from the manufacturer and then again from the product placement house. For most product, this step is unnecessary, burns additional fossil fuels, and consumes additional packing materials and resources. We’ll facilitate the process to make sure you get your product in plenty of time without wasting additional natural resources.

Green Product and Services


Saavy Naturals
Jackson Family Wines Estate Collection
100% Pure
iameco computers
Derma E
Melt Spread
Mamma Chia
Dark Dog Organic Energy Drink
Novy Wine
Repurpose Compostables
Cascade Commercial paper
Full Circle Home
Replenish/Clean Path
Luna Pops
Forest Stewardship Council
Amala Beauty
Green Mustache
Blum Naturals
Marley Coffee
The New Primal Jerky
Siduri Wine
Damn Good Doormats
World Centric
Snoqualmie Ice Cream
Cabo Chips
Suki Skincare
Haiku Bags
Gunas Handbags
WTR MLN WTR Watermelon Water


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