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GreenShoot Pacific

Girilambone, NSW, 2831 61 0 420 648 623

GreenShoot Pacific is a specialist sustainability advisor providing strategic services, systems, solutions and training across production management industries including events, screen, sport, touring, and facilities. Services include consulting, production, communications, and auditing.

Green Business

We align our business with the principles of sustainable development and are continually improving internal processes and systems to enhance our sustainability objectives and expectations. We prefer Skype meetings to physical travel and operate paperless as much as possible. We put requirements on our providers to provide us with sustainable products and services.

Green Product and Services

GreenShoot Pacific advises on industry best practice to the corporate, government, sports, community and performing arts sectors. Offering a wide range of tailored services, our team has years of cross-sector experience and specialist knowledge.
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Production Services
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