Green Vendor

OM Snacks

PO Box 1381
Santa Monica, CA, 90406 310 570 2588

Organic OM Snacks OM Snacks was created to make the world a better place through healthier eating. And to make healthy eating fun! OM Snacks’ mission is to bring fun, healthy snacks to the masses, especially to those who live in neighborhoods with little or no access to organic and natural food. All our snacks are certified organic. Organic foods protect our planet by reducing pesticides, and protect the body by providing only natural foods created by Mother Nature herself. OM Snacks has tossed out all the artificial preservatives, artificial flavors and artificial food colorings to create foods with only natural ingredients, created uniquely by Mother Nature. We believe healthier eating will lead healthier living, and healthier living leads to more fun (which is what we want to have)!

Green Business

We recycle. We capture water to re-use for our plants. We use real dishes and cups instead paper and plastic. We use organic foods whenever possible.

Green Product and Services

Organic Snacks (that are really yummy!):
• PistachiOMs (organic chocolate and toffee covered pistachios)
• CashOMs (organic dark chocolate covered cashews)
• RaisinOMs (organic dark chocolate covered raisins)
• OMmie Bears (organic, vegetarian gummy bears)
• Organic dry roasted almonds
• Organic dry roasted cashews


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