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Vendor name: Michael Kaliski
Country: United States
Phone: 3238021630
Departments: Clearances and Product Placement

Good Planet Media was founded in 2010 by Michael Kaliski after 15 years running Omniquest Media, an environmental and humanitarian issue focused production company. We realized that to really make an impact, we needed to team with brands that believe in doing good while doing well. Good Planet Media integrates these ‘good’ brands into major films and TV shows, produces branded content and ‘greens’ the sets of film, TV and commercial productions. This singular focus, passion and experience...

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Green Products and Services

  • Contact us directly for a breakdown of our product placement and brand integration services.

    When brought on to a production to reduce its negative impact on the environment, we look at the production as a whole as well as break down the opportunities by each department:

    • Establish robust recycling and composting program dramatically reducing waste.

    • Distribute reusable water bottles and set up filtered water refill stations eliminating plastic bottles.

    • Source clean fuel transportation and generator options reducing carbon footprint.

    • Source sustainable set materials as well as donating reusable set pieces after production. We also consult with construction on better ways to assemble so set pieces can be donated to local schools and organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.

    • Bring in healthy, high quality, sustainable and delicious catering or work with a quality caterer to improve their sustainability.

    • Supply Craft Service with healthy options and make available sustainable plates, utensils and cups at wholesale prices.

    • Provide sustainable and cruelty free options to Wardrobe, hair and make

  • up departments.

    • We donate clothing from wardrobe after the shoot to local shelters.

    • We green the production office through paper reduction strategies and options for solar charging stations for walkies and cell phones.

    • We conduct an E

  • Waste drive for the entire crew, taking the e waste not only from the production but also from the their homes, further expanding the positive impact and education.

    • We will calculate the carbon footprint of the shoot and what it will take to be deemed “Carbon Neutral.”

    • We will analyze the potential waste and design a path to a zero

  • waste set.

    • Provide on set education for cast and crew so these practices may be taken home, creating a ripple effect of positive impact.

    • We conduct community outreach to the local community to let them know how this production sets an example that others may follow.

    • If desired, we work with the client to develop a social media strategy that lets the world know that this production and brand cares enough to do the right thing and do it well.

    • After production, we generate a final report showing an analysis of the impact reduction and social ROI of the program.

Green Business

We truly walk the walk, integrating the sustainable practices that we deploy and using the products that we represent.

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