Water Take 1 Launches Global Online Short Film Contest

Water Take 1 Launches Global Online Short Film Contest

water-take-oneEvery person on this planet relies on water. In Ventura, our water is from local sources and it’s our responsibility to protect it for future generations. To help spark that awareness, Ventura Water is partnering with Limoneira’s Limco Del Mar, Patagonia and iThentic for the inaugural “Water: Take 1” Online Short Film Contest. We hope that this exciting initiative will highlight people’s relationship with water and promote water awareness, efficiency and recycling programs. Read More

2012 Film Biz Recycling Eco-Expo and Mixer

skye_eco_biz_150x150The Gowanus canal is one of the most polluted bodies of water in the United States. In March of 2010, it was added to the EPA’s list of national Superfund sites, areas designated for cleanup of hazardous substances. Completed in the late 1860s, the canal served as an industrial artery for New York Harbor, and was home to manufacturing plants and mills that flooded the canal with PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyl), often used as coolant in heavy machinery. It’s a desolate area, even more so when it’s juxtaposed to its Brooklyn neighbors, Park Slope and Carroll Gardens. But seen through a flawed lens, the area surrounding the canal is a mystical place where you’d see the Zennist protagonist from a Jim Jarmusch film, wandering through a locked off wide shot. Read More

Green Production Incentives in California: The Good, The Bad and The Bottom Line

creative_commons_3118408862_spdpProducers, by nature are problem solvers. We solve budgeting problems, scheduling problems, technical problems and communication problems. We manage personalities, locations, equipment and the weather. One problem we have yet to solve is how to get a decent bagel in Los Angeles…wait, scratch that—that’s a personal problem. But there does truly seem to be a problem when it comes to us all being on the same page when it comes to green production practices. Read More