Green Production On Location: Oregon

Green Production On Location: Oregon

oregonPGA Green is excited to announce the launch of our infographic series “Green Production on Location” created by PGA member Krishna Devine.  This first piece features green production practices in Oregon.  Production is going green one state at a time! Read More

GOOD PLANET MEDIA: Inspiring the shift to sustainable, healthy and ethical living through media

michael_benLike many producers passionate about the environment, Michael Kaliski felt one of the best ways to create change was to create films with an environmental message. But after years of producing “conscious content” that seemed to reach only a niche audience, Kaliski had an aha moment: to reach a larger audience, he had to get the message of sustainability into films and shows people were already watching. He chose to focus on some of the most important, yet subtle, messaging found in film and TV — advertising — with the goal of inspiring people to make better consumer choices for the planet. Read More

Composting On Set Made Easy

compostI was most recently on a location film, and we came up with a way to compost that could be a good tip for some movies. Kingston has a recycling/compost center and distributes heavyweight bins.

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