“Unacceptable Levels” Film Review

“Unacceptable Levels” Film Review

unacceptablelevelsThis compelling and poignant documentary by Ed Brown is a must see by everyone in America. We are all consumers, which makes us all vulnerable to the over 80,000 chemicals that invade the products we use daily.

Ed Brown’s curiosity was peaked when his wife suffered a miscarriage during her first pregnancy. They tried again, and had a healthy baby, but were surprised when a third attempt brought on another miscarriage. They now have two healthy children. Ed felt compelled find out if any connection between what we put in our bodies might put them in danger. Read More

Bad Words – Powered by the Sun

dc-solarThe script of Jason Bateman’s directorial debut, Bad Words, carries the theme: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” — and his production used that adage well when working to use solar power while filming this winter. They were interested in running a “green set” and adding solar was a high priority.

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