Choosing Excellence: Sustainable Production

Most of us believe that it’s time to work together to address the urgent need to reduce waste and emissions, but how many of us are actually walking the walk instead of talking the talk? Sure, many of us will do our part throughout our lives to be the best environmental stewards as we can be as individuals. Reducing the impacts of climate change takes a collection of individual, industries and communities to rise to the challenge. Right now, many global industries are beginning to answer the call, and the film and production industry could be the one to step up and lead the way.

Choosing Excellence: Sustainable Production, an article by Lonnie Wake for the Location Managers Guild International’s Compass magazine, takes a look at how the industry has been working towards preserving our environment and resources for future generations. The article highlights a few of the various organizations that are showing leadership and encouragement of green practice implementation in British Columbia—the province that’s leading the way in environmental policy in Canada. Wake gives shout outs to Creative BC, Green Spark Group and Sustainable Lockup, a few of the organizations that have been working to spread awareness and enable studios to “green” their productions. Along with the sustainability programs found in many of North America’s large production studios, they have been focused on shifting from the linear economy the industry currently operates in—take, make, dispose—to a circular economy, where materials are reused or recycled. And by advocating the location managers mantra—to leave a location in better condition that you found it, groups like these are helping the industry make great, green strides.

Although the film industry has a substantial amount of work to be done to become a green industry, it’s on track for success. By focusing on building awareness and a base-level education, the production industry has the ability to take charge as a sustainability leader.

Check out Wake’s article Choosing Excellence: Sustainable Production on page 54 to learn more.