Film Biz Recycling’s “Golden Dumpster Awards” Sponsored by PGA Green; will honor Focus Features, Big Beach Films, 30 Rock, and more for sustainable practices

Film Biz Recycling’s “Golden Dumpster Awards” Sponsored by PGA Green; will honor Focus Features, Big Beach Films, 30 Rock, and more for sustainable practices

gdaOn Saturday May 11th, New York’s Film Biz Recycling and 200 guests will recognize the winners of The First Annual Golden Dumpster Awards at an awards ceremony and celebration at Windfall in Manhattan.

Honorees include 30 Rock, for largest amount of TV series set dressing, props and wardrobe tonnage – 10.74 tons – diverted from the dumpster to donations for the public good and Focus Features, another arm of NBC Universal, for diverting 33.68 cumulative tons of film materials to creative reuse since 2008.

A special “Roll of the Dice” Award will also be presented to Big Beach Films (Our Idiot Brother, Safety Not Guaranteed, Little Miss Sunshine) in recognition of their hiring of an Eco-Manager on Gods Behaving Badly. Big Beach values green filmmaking and has practiced sustainability measures on several of their latest productions – most notably by participating in a sustainability pilot project lead by Earthmark/Green Media Solutions during the filming of Away We Go.

Others honorees will include Materials for the Arts, Brite Shot, Green Product Placement and Canal Creatures Productions.

This is a free, film industry event. RSVP strongly recommended.


About Film Biz Recycling
Film Biz Recycling (FBR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that prevents pollution, creates jobs and aids the community by diverting entertainment set materials to local charities and by operating a prop shop and creative reuse center in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Film Biz Recycling’s prop shop, which is open to both the public and the trade, has been recognized in “Best Of New York” features in both New York Magazine and the Village Voice and was recently featured in the May 2013 issue of O Magazine. But that’s just the beginning – as the New York Times has noted, “Ms. Radke’s store is also a front for a more complicated operation. ‘I want to prove to every industry that our refuse and our leftovers and our quote-unquote garbage is worth something.” (New York Times 8/26/10)

About the Golden Dumpster Awards
New York City is one of the most popular production destinations in the world – boosted by city and state tax incentives that have been extended to 2019. New York City’s production industry currently generates over $5 billion annually and employs over 100,000 people. These are great numbers, but the industry also generates an enormous carbon footprint due to excessive fuel emissions, energy consumption and solid waste disposal.

To counter that waste, Film Biz Recycling is dedicated to recovering used industry materials that would otherwise be trashed, and donating those goods to local charities such as CAMBA women’s shelter, Hour Children and Materials for the Arts. Since 2008, Film Biz Recycling has recovered over 340 tons of materials – securing their place as a pioneering enterprise and pillar in the green film community. FBR, with generous sponsorship from PGA Green, has established the Golden Dumpster Awards to recognize the visionary industry partners that make this important work possible.