Green Business Networking and PGA Green Summer Bash

Green Business Networking and PGA Green Summer Bash

eco-fairOn a recent summer night on a sound stage at Smashbox Studios historic Culver City location, PGA Green and Green Business Networking members and guests met for the inaguaral Summer Bash. With the support of Smashbox/Quixote Studios, Net Impact, The Hub, Sustainable Works and a bevy of organic and mostly vegan food and drink sponsors, the event was a terrific opportunity for Eco-minded producers, business leaders and entrepreneurs to meet and talk shop in a fun and festive environment.

Smashbox/Quixote added an element of glamour with a Pop-Up Smashbox photo shoot – complete with photographer Anthony Pietromonaco, attendees played with bouncing globes and posed against a Green-Chalkboard background that gradually filled with “green graffiti” from the various sponsors and participants as the night went on. For all the great photos from the event CLICK HERE.

Quixote is an industry leader in employing green best practices throughout their business including the implementation of energy efficient lighting, solar panels, state-of-the art air conditioning indoors and in vehicles, reusable food and drink containers, recycled building materials for studios, sets and vehicles, biodiesel vehicles and generators, and much more.

On display at the event was Quixote’s Talent Verde motorhome, which truly lives up to its name: a LEED certified vehicle with recycled carpeting, interior walls, and furniture; formaldehyde-free plywood; low VOC paint; natural latex foam sofas; and recycled fabrics free of chemical finishes.

Quixote also hosts an annual festival, the Quixote EcoFair, to promote the green movement in the production industry. PGA Green West Co-Chair Rachael Joy spoke at the 2012 event.

Feeding and watering the networkers were delectable drinks sponsored by, VeeV – The World’s First Açaí Spirit™ and is simply a better way to drink™. In the spirit of allowing consumers to enjoy tonight and save tomorrow, VeeV donates 1% of all sales to Rainforest preservation and is proud to be the first certified carbon neutral spirits company in the world.

Classic Party Rentals donated 200 glasses to help keep the event sustainable. And The Green Queen hand-washed all the glasses during the event, eliminating the need for plasticware.

A variety of tasty organic snacks were provided, including treats from Urban Green Catering and Coconut Bliss non-dairy “Ice Cream,” among others.

PGA Member and founder of OM Snacks, Jonathan Troen, was also in attendance allowing guests to sample his delicious product. OM Snacks has tossed out all the artificial preservatives, artificial flavors and artificial food colorings to create foods with only natural ingredients, created uniquely by Mother Nature.

The event gave Green minded Producers and Business leaders a chance to mingle and swap ideas and brainstorm ways to work together. Eco-Businesses learned about PGA Green and the and learned how to “Get Listed” on the site. Check out the site yourself for these businesses and others who can service and support your productions.