Green Vendor Spotlight: OM Snacks

Green Vendor Spotlight: OM Snacks


Green Vendor Spotlight: OM Snacks

By Maria Gavin

We all – OK, many of us – have been there.  You go to the movies, take one look at the concession stand and recoil in horror in the junk that’s in the junk food case.  What to do?  Go hungry?  Sneak healthy alternatives in under your coat?  Producers Guild member Jonathan Troen and his wife/business partner, Edith Estrada, went one step further.  They created OM Snacks (the name not only sounds like a mantra, but also stands for Organic Movie Snacks); a company that makes healthy and delicious treats for the snack enthusiast.

“I spent many 24-hour edit sessions with a bucket of red licorice in front of me – it was horrible,” says Jonathan.  But now he’s on a mission, “to help people have more fun in life.”  The logic being that if you‘re eating healthier, you will be healthier, and you will, just naturally, have more fun.  So, he says, his goal is to, if not get the junk out of movie theaters, coffee shops, airport, green rooms, and craft service tables, at least make healthier snacks an option.

“Our first goal with OM Snacks was to create tasty, yummy, fun, poison-free snacks,” he says.  “They say you are what you eat, but with junk food they never tell you exactly what half the stuff in there is.”  Jonathan’s personal favorite from the OM Snacks line are the PistachiOMs (milk chocolate covered pistachios), but they also offer things like Ommie bears (vegan gummy bears), RaisinOMs (dark chocolate covered raisins), CashOMs (dark chocolate covered cashews), and roasted nuts without salt.  Those tempting treats are made with only certified organic ingredients, which are sourced locally as much as possible and packaged in L.A.

Jonathan’s official title is OM Snacks’ Chief Inspiration Officer and he points out that they have a triple bottom line business model – people, planet, profit; with 10% of those profits going to charitable causes through the Art of Giving Foundation.

OM Snacks are available at movie theaters (Landmark, Disney’s El Capitan in Hollywood, Regal Cinemas), coffee shops (Santa Monica’s Infusion Café), hotels (Shutters on the Beach, JW Marriott, Thompson Hotels), supermarkets (Erewhon, Mrs. Winston’s in Santa Monica, Mother’s in the OC), and even LAX’s terminal 1 (Southwest Air).

To supply your production with healthy, energizing snacks, visit OM Snacks’ Green Production Guide Vendor or email OM Snacks at