Quixote EcoFair Update

Quixote EcoFair Update

ecofairPGA Green West Co-chair Rachael Joy recently spoke on the “How Green is Your Production?” Panel as part of Quixote Studio’s 2nd Annual EcoFair at Smashbox Studios in West Hollywood.

Adam Roodman, a Vice President at Quixote Studios moderated the panel which also included Jamie Bullock, Operations Manager at Eco Set Consulting; Lisa Day, Director of Energy Initiatives at 20th Century Fox; Brian Edwards, General Manager at PRG; Veronica Miles, Sustainability Coordinator at Crown Disposal Company and Lauren Selmen, Founder of Reel Green Media. The discussion covered the current state of green production, how the emergence of digital filmmaking has impacted the environment and the latest green technologies in the business.

When asked about industry “best practices,” Rachael Joy informed the audience of the PGA’s Best Practices which is available on the their website and broken down into several categories of production. Joy pointed out that it can be overwhelming to consider greening every area of production and that ultimately “the best ‘best practice’ is the one you can actually implement on your production.”

The EcoFair also included vendor booths presenting various companies such as Go Green Mobile Power, Hive Lighting and ecofair1ecovations.

Quixote Studios, founded in 1995 is one of Hollywood’s premier providers of boutique film studios, production-related vehicles, grip and lighting equipment, and production supplies. The company is well established as a pioneer in green production through their use of recycled materials, eco-friendly operating practices and
the “Verde” motorhomes which were on display at the fair.