PGA Green History

The roots of PGA Green were formed in the summer of 2007 when East Coast PGA members, Mari Jo Winkler, Lydia Dean Pilcher and Katie Carpenter joined a sustainable film task force, along with an advisory board of scientists, activists and filmmakers. The first goal was to launch a pilot project that would test new approaches to greening sets while measuring the overall carbon footprint at the beginning and then at the end of production. This yielded a powerful case study presentation and subsequent panels and seminars to explore the issues raised. In 2009, the PGA Board of Directors approved PGA Green as a National Committee. Fred Baron and Kathleen Courtney on the West Coast joined with the East Coast team.

In 2010, with seed funding and support provided by a contingent of the major studios, the Green Production Guide was created by PGA Green to provide a new resource for film, television and commercial professionals looking to reduce the environmental impacts and carbon emissions of film and television production. Studio support has grown to include Disney, Amblin Partners, 20th Century Fox, NBCUniversal, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros, Amazon Studios, HBO, CBS, Participant Media & Netflix.

Since its inception, PGA Green has worked in association with other industry groups to provide workshops, educational seminars and eco-themed screenings. PGA members have participated in pilot projects and consulted with production companies, which has developed a methodology in the film industry for pro-actively greening productions. The tools developed for industry use are free. Continued partnerships with other groups such as Environmental Media Association, Rocky Mountain Institute, and BAFTA spread our message of workable methods for achieving sustainability within the entertainment industry worldwide.