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The Sustainable Production Alliance (SPA) is a consortium of the world’s leading film, television and streaming companies dedicated to advancing sustainability initiatives through advocacy, education, and innovation while reducing the entertainment industry’s overall environmental impact.

SPA members include Amazon Studios, Amblin Partners, Disney, Fox Corporation, NBCUniversal, Netflix, Participant, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount and Warner Bros. Discovery.

PGA Green


The PGA Green Committee (East and West) was established in 2008 as part of the Producers Guild of America’s commitment to actively encourage and support sustainability in the entertainment industry.

The Green Production Guide (GPG) is the premier industry online toolkit designed to reduce the film, television, and streaming industry’s carbon footprint and environmental impact. The GPG was established in 2010 in a joint effort between the Producers Guild of America Foundation’s PGA Green committee and a major studios partner group, now known as the Sustainable Production Alliance (SPA).

This site features a worldwide database of vendors that provide sustainable goods and services for film, television, and streaming production. The GPG also offers tools and resources to help implement a sustainable plan for any size or kind of production. These tools include the Production Environmental Accounting Report (PEAR), which calculates a production's carbon footprint; the Production Environmental Actions Checklist (PEACH), which details best practices for each department on a production; Sustainable Production Infographics, which provide helpful visual guides to ensure best practices in the office, on location, and on stage; and sample memos, signs and flyers to help communicate sustainability efforts to cast and crew.

In The News

From Disney to Sony, the entertainment industry giants are united in the push for clean energy sources and fighting to prove going green can also be cost-effective.

The global entertainment industry generates millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide a year. A Spanish director has set up a company to try to cut that number substantially.

Variety (April. 2021) The Sustainable Production Alliance, a consortium of film, TV and streaming companies dedicated reducing the entertainment industry’s overall environmental impact, released its inaugural carbon footprint report.

The report, “Close Up: Carbon Emissions of Film and Television Production,” makes public for the first time industry wide production carbon footprint averages for the SPA member companies for the projects between 2016 and 2019.

Variety (Jan. 2020) This article discusses how studios have worked together to adopt sustainable practices and technologies within the industry.

The Sustainable Production Alliance (SPA) encourages collective action by governments to deliver 1.5C aligned climate action plans at COP26.

The Guild’s PGA Green division released a call to action letter in advance of COP26, with the goal of reducing the entertainment industry’s carbon emissions.